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The Rap on Happiness

February 2, 2010

In her recent Sunday book review, Amy Bloom surveys the writings of multiple modern gurus to produce a short-list of five happiness essentials. Scan them over and see if there are any you think she left off of the list:

(1) Be in possession of the basics — food, shelter, good health, safety.

(2) Get enough sleep.

(3) Have relationships that matter to you.

(4) Take compassionate care of others and of yourself.

(5) Have work or an interest that engages you.

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  1. Great post, Michael. Really basic, but needed simplicity for something the whole world spends most of their waking life seeking. Hope you don’t mind but I shared this in a note and referenced your blog on Facebook.

  2. By all means–reference away. :^) I like how clearly Bloom distilled it down. There’s definitely power from simplicity like this.

  3. Niclas J permalink

    6) And get yourself ín a state when you are totally aware of the moment..

  4. Doreen permalink

    Amy Bloom did not need to seek guru’s of the world. A visit to speak with Grandparents or elders would have given this old fashioned advice to the fast-paced youth of the world. Basics are always best..hence being the building blocks of life. Funny how old becomes new every few years…youth will learn this in twenty five years or so.

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