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I want to be a pilot…

November 19, 2008

Director Diego Quemada-Diez created a beautiful, moving documentary in 2006 about the life of a young boy named Omondi—a 12 year old living in the largest slum in East Africa. Omondi shares his tender visions about how life might be better for him, and describes what it is like to be HIV positive and alone at such a vulnerable age.

Omondi’s story and dreams are a poignant reminder of the “diamonds” scattered all across the earth, and of the value of each human soul—an inherent worth transcending race, nationality, health, education, economic status, or any other categorization.


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  1. Melinda Evans permalink

    I can tell this is going to stay with me for a while. Anything else I could say would sound trite, wouldn’t it. It made me think of the end of Matt 5, the rain falling on the just and the unjust, and the command to be perfect, which I have always thought of as developing a mindset that is complete, whole in our perspective and our understanding. So it was interesting that the video ended with the beautiful song about the promise to be made whole.

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